Judgement Day

Judgement Day Flyer

JASON ANDREW HITE Solo Show JUDGEMENT DAY Saturday JUNE 11th Doors Open At 9:00pm The Congregation Gallery | 7569 Melrose, Los Angeles CA 90046

The Congregation Gallery is proud to present one of the most talented three-dimentional artists; Jason Andrew HiteHis newest collection Judgement Day portrays a religious tapestry of wall hanging sculpture infused with intricate assemblage. On June 11th, you will have the opportunity to see the unveiling these new works and meet the artist!

Sculpting intense lifelike figures, Jason Andrew Hite weaves together an intense environments around his creations using tubing, found objects, custom sculpted appendages, and internal lights. These assemblage pieces hearken to a distant future where man and machine are one for the better or worse.

Product designer and sculptor for one of the largest Halloween companies in the world, Jason has a hand in creating monsters, superheroes, and almost anything he could imagine to be a costume. He has worked for companies like Marvel, Disney, Sony, Fox and many others.

On June 11th, he will unveil his new world where religion and the machines fuse together in the ultimate conflict....Judgement Day.