Hi there! Just in case you happen to visit my blog, your email did not work when I tried to reply. Below is the message that a mailer demon ate....

Hi Francesca,

When I was your age I also wanted to be a comic artist and do animation. Professionally, I am neither but I have experience in both. Web comics are very interesting and fun to read. I'd love to see yours sometime and how noble to do it to raise money for charity! What is you web comic called?

My ideas come from many different sources. Music is among them. I listen to all kinds. Comics, too! The Brothers Quay are an inspiration to me as well. Most Stop-Motion animations is. One of the keys to making art, animation, comics, etc, is being persistent and consistent. You have to keep at it and exercise your talents like you would a muscle and always, always, ALWAYS believe in yourself, no matter what!

Thanks so much for writing me, I love to meet people with similar interests. 
-Jason :)