Hi Everyone,

I recently took a little trip with my family to the East Coast to attend a Museum show opening in Allentown PA which my one of my sculptures is in.

The show is called At The Edge Art of the Fantastic.

Here is a little description of the event: The Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley is pleased to showcase an exhibition that will introduce contemporary fantastic art to the museum setting.  At the Edge: Art of the Fantastic will not only be the most comprehensive exhibition of fantastic art to date, it will also be the first time that this discipline has been presented on such a large scale.  Sometimes labeled as science fiction or fantasy art, such imaginative realism distinguishes itself from other forms by portraying ancient myths and legends, modern day fantasies in the form of divine interventions, the imagination, the dream state, the grotesque visions and the uncanny as common objects.

Here is a link to the Museum:

For me, this was a must see show. Many of the artists that have influenced me all my life were a part of this. Artists like H.R. Giger, Frank Frazetta, and the Hildebrandt brothers take the viewer to different worlds or alternate realities. They dare to imagine beyond the scope of reality.

In the video above, my Technological Crucifixion shows up at 3:12.