The Madonna

(previously named as Shiva the Destroyer by Jason

24″ x 18″ x 8″ (without base)

Here is a look at one of the main villain characters for VESSEL. I call her the MADONNA. She has had other names on older posts, but for this project, this particular name fits well for what she is going to be doing. I will be adding some external armor to cover her chest, face and the other sensitive external parts. This armor will slide off or retract back into her body for up close and personal vampire seduction parts. I will be sculpting this armor in the Art Instruction Schools by Ron & Vanessa Lemon at Comic-Con on Saturday from 1-3 or so on the north wall booth 5567. Stop by and say hello if you can!

I listened to “In the Mountains of Madness” while sculpting her and was trying to infuse some of those other worldly sculptures described in the story. Of course, H.R. Giger played a HUGE role in the piece a s well. My original purpose for creating her was to use her in my next stop-motion animation short film but a part of me thinks it wold be fun to make a Prometheus fan film with her instead.