Molding the Hatch

Now that the Hatch/Door sculpt was complete, it was time to move on to the molding process yet again! First, I did a quick clay layup on my back porch.

Next, I made Hydrocal plaster jackets over the clay layup in my man cave.

After prying the mold apart and carefully cleaning off the clay layup, I took the sculpture and a 5-gallon bucket of Silicone to my friend David Lea's. Dave has a really nice degassing machine that removes the unwanted air from the silicone (first image bellow). Doing this extends the life of a mold. We carefully put the mold jackets back over the hatch sculpture and sealed it using plaster bandages. I remember after pouring the mold we had a hell of a time plugging the holes we used for letting the air escape. Silicone was everywhere! That night I learned to NEVER drill 1/4inch holes to bolt a mold together, it leaks. From now on I will clamp the mold together. Thank god for David's help that night!


Much needed post...

Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I wonder if any one is still even checking? I'm not sure where to begin. A lot has happened since I last posted anything. I guess I'll start with Monsterpalooza. In May I had the privilege of displaying and selling my work at the 1st annual Monsterpalooza show in Burbank California. Here is a shot of my booth. It wasn't a huge show like Comic-Con, but I've honestly never seen as much talent in one room. I ran into sculptors like Steve Wang, Jordu Schell, Paul Kimoda, and sooo many others. One in particular I recently discovered was Spider Zero (Simon Lee), WOW his work is awesome! In the midst of all the chaos I also saw some old friends like Greg Botcher, Elvis Jones, Russ Lukich, and one of my old teachers, Jerry Gergely. It was a great show and I can't wait till the next one, April 9th - 11th! If you want to find out more check out the website:

Hope to see you there!