Stasis Comic Gets New Life!

Stasis Comic Cover A few years ago I finished a comic based on my animated short called STASIS. I took the sets, and puppets from the film, my camera and a little Photoshop skills to create it. Unfortunately, it never made it into the Diamond catalog for distribution. I did Comic Con and a few other shows getting some good exposure but had no real way to sell them, other than Etsy, until now.

Pulp Free publishing offers digital comics in the itunes store! They've created an ingenious free app that allows you to download their content of creator owned  comics! It's easy and user friendly. I reformatted the comic to fit on an iphone or ipad. Whats' great is that the the style of this comic totally lends itself to a digital format. Not to mention the cost to print just 1000 copies in traditional format is over $2000. Pulp free is, well, nearly free in comparison!

I felt a little defeated after initially completing the first issue because of the cost to self publish, so the second issue fell by the way side. Now, with this new publishing format, the STASIS comic series has new life in my eyes and I'm back on creating issue #2!

Check out Pulp Free here, if you have a comic you'd like to publish. The first 100 publishers are FREE. STASIS and other comics will be available in the coming weeks in the itunes store, search under Pulp Free Publishing LLC.

Stasis Comic Page
Stasis Comic Page