31" x 24" x 14"

Mixed Media Sculpture 104 LED and 2 mini halogen lights.

Ever wonder what might happen if our government were to turn against it's people? This is explored in Jason's "American Nightmare". Liberty is lost while the word burns. People are herded out of a FEMA shelter in which the police have killed civilian resistance. In this brutal world, Jason weaves together imagery of modern conspiracies or facts about touchy subjects like fluoridated water, RFID chips, gun confiscation, and the fall of the US dollar all under a Police State. This piece along with Jason's "Game Of Drones"  displayed in Copro Gallery's "Futuroligy"  group show March of 2013. This show was reviewed by Keith Dugasfrom Cartwheel Art article here

Check out an official, US Army document released in 2010 that lays out the plans for FEMA internment camps. This is real. This is not a conspiracy. They are hiring now.